President's Message

November 2000

    We had quite an interesting weekend. The weather for our Sat. fly-in to Nashua, N.H. was not going to be conducive to flying - period! So Gloria and I drove up to the Boston area to visit her mother on Friday. The forcast for Sunday was quite good. It turns out that Gloria’s mother was quite ill and we spent the better part of five hours at Mass. General Hospital. The plan had been to drive back on Sat. night and I would fly up to Nashua on Sun. Gloria felt it best to stay up in Boston so I said that I could drive up to Nashua (about 45min.) for the fly-in.  Sunday dawned a perfect VFR day in the Boston/Nashua area. Bridgeport AFSS gave me a great forecast and so it was a go!
    Upon reaching Nashua, Mike Hirsch had just tied down his pretty PA-22/20. We kibitzed and went over to the great pilot shop to explore. By about noon it was plain to see that this would be another stellar Northeast Chapter event with a turnout of 2!! We told the folks at GFW that we would be up in the restaurant. Mike and I had a great breakfast and lo and behold - Rico Cannone pulled onto the ramp with his Tri-Pacer coming up from Long Island, N.Y. We had a great time together. It was a perfect day for flying (up there). We all agreed that it was too nice to spend the time in the dark confines of the Boston Center, so I called the folks over there and told them the turn of events. The three of us piled into Mike's plane and blasted off to the coast and Hampton Airfield to look at all the cool planes there.
    While we were there we saw member Erroll Dow arrive in his Colt. I believe that Erroll is the technical advisor to the local EAA chapter at Hampton. With time a wasting, Mike  took us back to Nashua for our respective trips home. Thanks Mike for a great afternoon. I might add that, for the third time, the car rental company that we arranged for a van never came through!!! Thanks a lot Budget!  It turns out that many of you encountered quite a bit of wind when you got to your home airports. This wasn't really in the forecast that I got at 7:00 am Sunday. Maybe that's why you didn't turn up at Nashua. I got several responses to my inquiry of why the turnout for the last year has been so low. The biggest problems have been weather, work, and family obligations - all good reasons. Mike Berry had a good point. He said that the notice of upcoming events wasn't timely. You are 100% correct Mike. We haven't had a decent turnout for quite some time to nail down dates as well as alot of chapter business.
    I really hope we have a turnout for our Hol. party/fly-in at Columbia County airport/Meadowgreens in Hudson,N.Y. on Sat. Dec. 16th with Sun. the 17th the alt. date. We went with the dates because of the scheduling at Meadowgreens and the fact that the following weekend is too close to Christmas. We are still working on an agenda and any possible guest speaker. We will have our annual drawing for some Channukah Gelt/Xmas dough/fuel $$. One must be a paid up member of the chapter to enter the drawing. Of course we welcome anyone to this event and encourage all to bring a friend. Who knows maybe they'll join our chapter?
    Of course if our fly-in is on Sunday, Meadowgreens has their great buffet brunch for about $10. Please try to come. We will definitely set the calendar for the remainder of the year. Congratulations to Susan Jewett on her first solo!! Up that insurance Bev. Susan will be returning to full time status as a flight attendant for Air Canada and Bev will be going to school in Jan. for the new Airbus and more exotic flights for Air Canada. If anyone knows of some person looking for a Tri-Pacer, Gary Corwin is selling his. This is the plane that I was flying while mine was out of commission. Gary can be reached at 914-962-4649.
    A belated report of a thank you note from Iris Morris who won the raffle for the fuel$$ we donated at this summer's convention. Iris is a great lady. An even more belated thank you goes  out to Marty Gleason Sr. who has retired and moved from Queens, N.Y. to Mahwah, N.J. Marty was one of the most enthusiastic members of this chapter, always ready to jump in and help out. He served as the chapter Secretary and caterer with the best cheesecake this side of Brooklyn. His donations of quarters from the family business are legendary! We wish he and Mary all the best.
    A few people suggested that we consider having the fly-ins on Sundays. Possibly one Sunday with the following as the alternate. I'm certainly open to all suggestions and am willing to try this. Lets hope we get a chance to discuss this in December. I am sending Noel some photos and hope a few find their way into this newsletter. I am also asking Noel to e-mail the newsletter to our webmaster so he can update the website. I understand this hasn't been done since July!! Maybe that has something to do with our lack of enthusiasm? I do hope to see you at Meadowgreens on the 16th. If not, we wish you and yours all the best for the new year. Believe me when I say that good health has a value that can not betaken for granted. Once again the Dec. Fly-in is on Sat. the 16th with Sun. the 17th as the alternate at noon at Meadowgreens, located on the north end of Columbia County airport in Hudson,N.Y. (1B1) Safe flying to you all.