The decision to seek the office of Schodack Town Supervisor was made only after serious considerations. Itwas never my goal to seek any public office, but after 50 years of attending the majority of Town Board meetings as what might be termed a "watchdog"; I reconsidered. It happened rather strangely. I met a friend in town one day and he told me that with the years of going to meetings, I was not doing my civic duty by avoiding a Town office. I couldn't forget his message, but at the same time, I knew the consequences. It didn't take long after being elected Town Councilman to see how any action or decision I made would be scrutinized and at times twisted. Even my family has been brought into the spotlight in an attempt to discredit my role in serving the public. I can take the heat as I know the real truth and I also know, that the people who know me, also know what is going on. The problem is that not everyone knows me, and can easily draw a conclusion upon hearing the spin doctors tirade.

The question I get asked now is "why do you want to stay involved when you see what they do to you?" I'm sure many of you are also asking the same question, if you will bear with me, I submit my response.

It was just two years ago, that I supported Eileen Natoli in her race for Supervisor. It appeared we were of the same mind frame for "GOOD GOVERNMENT". I was not political and don't believe in playing political favorites, my thoughts are to do what is best for the town.

It was just one year ago, I went door to door and enthusiastically stated, that I had worked with Eileen in the past and if elected Councilman, I was sure we could continue to work together. Ironically, I also told several residents, that I couldn't be on the Board and just be a "rubber stamp". Upon being elected, I began to realize that my thought of working together would only happen if I played the part of a rubber stamp of approval. There have been very few times that I have not voted with Eileen, but nothing would happen unless the Supervisor wanted it to. What is NOW going on is, exactly what I thought we were both trying to change, only more severe.

When it appeared that no one would challenge the Supervisor in the November election, I felt it my duty to give the people a choice. I am not seeking a political life or any prestige of the office. I am attempting to give the Schodack residents the government they deserve.

The issues are pretty much as stated on my platform, which can be found on the first page of my web-site. WWW.Raylemka.Com . Although all the issues are important, the one I am most concerned with is, "to build trust and harmony with all the town employees and also the citizens of Schodack."

I ask that you help me in this endeavor by voting for me on November 6th.

Raymond W. Lemka (candidate for Schodack Supervisor)


I don't think we have heard my opponent take any public stand on the issues that face the Schodack residents. I sent the Supervisor a registered letter, (return signature required) encouraging a debate to give the voters of Schodack an opportunity to learn our positions on town affairs. The only response I received was the certified mail receipt indicating the mail was delivered. Therefore, I submit some of the pertinent subjects that need to be addressed.
Lets start with # 1 The Valente mining proposal. I have always been concerned that mining is slowly taking away our hills, however; there are some areas that it would be beneficial if they were mined. I have never heard Natoli publicly state her position on the Valente mine. I have noticed her campaign signs along the Valente site, which gives me a clue.
#2 The Comprehensive Master Plan. I suggested in January, that the Town Board give a sense of direction to the committee. Supervisor Natoli commented that, "she thought things were going just fine." Well they aren't, they weren't then and what she appears to be doing is hoping to be on the board and have a majority so she can control the results. Speaking of control, the thought of her wanting to replace tax assessor Frank Curtis with her favorite is too scary to even think of the ramifications.
#3 Supervisor Natoli seems to have a habit of not soliciting bids or competitive pricing. Three engineering contracts were awarded this year totaling over $100,000 without any other proposals or competitive bids as suggested in the law. Is this any way to spend the taxpayers money?
#4 The latest news is, developers will close Red Oaks and build 74 homes on that site. Does anyone see a connection here between Bill Powers, former NYS Republican chairmen when Governor Pataki was elected, and Supervisor Natoli? Would it be the developer is Bill Powers' son? Maybe someone should also research who owns the property? This would have been a great issue to debate.
There are many more issues. I have brought the above to your attention in an effort to inform the people. Careful consideration needs to be given before one decides how to vote.
Please remember, I do not seek this office for myself. I know our town, I know it's problems. I am willing to set aside two years of my retirement to do my best to right a wrong. I seek this office for the people of Schodack. Do you remember the first time you heard "all that glitters is not gold?" Think about it and I ask you to help restore Schodack by voting for me on November 6th. Thank You.

Raymond W. Lemka (candidate for Schodack Supervisor)