by Steve Sevits

Sunday June 3
rd dawned with uncertain skies and Andy cautioned chapter members via the hotline to exercise caution in making a decision to attend the EAA breakfast at Kline Kill which is 5 mi NE of Columbia County.

On a good day, Kline Kill boasts one of the longest (4000') and best grass strips in this part of the country. Sunday June 3
rd was not a good day. The attendance for pancakes and scrambled eggs was good, but the only Northeast Chapter attendees were my wife, Joyce and son David and of course me. Who am I to pass up a good feed? And of course Joyce termed the event an unqualified success since she "didn't have to wash dishes."

The food was great as usual but not a single pilot flew in. Everyone who came drove. The skies opened and deposited a drought ending downpour of biblical proportions, at times limiting RVR to less than the width of the runway. After that rainstorm, few wells locally will go dry in the near future. Much of the talk in the hanger, over breakfast, was over who had the best plans for a homebuilt ark. An umbrella salesman could have made a fortune that day! I don't have pictures, I left the camera in the car, not wishing to find out if a thorough drenching would improve its capabilities.

We drive down since even on a good day it wouldn't have made much sense for us to fly since Kline Kill and Hudson are so close together. We should, however, keep an eye open for other EAA breakfast events, these folks know how to put on a good feed.