Short Wing Piper Club

Northeast Chapter Flyer

March 1999
Marty Gleason's Report
Dear Guys & Dolls: Please excuse the delay from me in writing this News Letter, but between work, gathering information for 1998-IRS Bureau, my time has not been my own. Rico picked me up at Republic at 10:30 A.M. on Sat, and we had a beautiful flight to POU. We left FRG at 10:55 A.M. and arrived at POU at 11:35 A.M. We didn't have that good a turn out. The weather was positively beautiful, and no snow on the ground.

The Following Is A List Of Attendees
NameAircraft # and TypeLocation
Andy Seligson N39228 Pa 22 150 Mahopac
Ray O`Donnell N11318 Luscomb 8A POU
Dale O'Donnell
Fred DeFillippsN6705E C172HPN
Rico Cannone3462Z Pa22 160Brookhaven
Mart GleasonGuest of RicoWhitestone
Herb Kartanos5831L AA5LNS Pa.
Sue Cordio " "
Steve Sevits New Fangled Gadget=CarColumbia Co.
After visiting for a while, we walked over to The Pot Belly Deli, and had a very nice lunch. The food was not only good, but it was good and inexpensive-cheap is the word. After lunch, we discussed what we should do for the three very good men/members/friends that we have recently lost. We unanimously decided that we would donate one hundred dollars each in memory of Hank and Bill to the Education Scholarship Fund of the Short Wing Piper Club, and one hundred dollars in memory of Joe to the First Baptist Church of White Plains. I did not learn of Hanks' and Bills' passing until after their funerals had taken place. I learned of Joes' death before his funeral, and was therefore privileged to attend both his wake and his memorial service. Please don't misinterpret me because I am speaking about the service for Joe. I think these three men have been a tremendous loss to us, and a devastating loss to their families. There were various scripture readings at Joes' service, and a truly beautiful tribute given to him by his daughter. His minister also gave a wonderful talk. Toward the end of the service there were two pieces played on the organ. One was Off We Go Into The Wild Blue Yonder. It had to be my imagination, but I will swear that I heard an airplane engine starting. The other piece was Beyond The Blue Horizon. After these two pieces, Taps was played. There was not a dry eye in the church. I only have told you this because as members of a close knit group I felt that you would like to know what went on at Joes' service. May they all rest in peace. The schedule for the coming months is as follows: 3/20/99 Danbury Rain Date 3/21/99 4/24/99 Mattituck Rain Date 4/25/99 5/22/99 Block Island Rain Date 5/23/99 After lunch we had a very nice tour of the tower, thanks to Ray. It was very informative. We then had a nice desert, and enbibed in some good fellowship. Rico & I left at 3:25 P.M. and arrived at Brookhaven at 4:05 P.M. after a beautiful flight at 5500Ft. We then drove to Republic, and met his sister, and we picked up my wife and grand daughter and went to our church in Whitestone where we tried to break the bank and win $500.00 We won nothing, but Rico and his sister won a bottle of champagne. All in all we had a wonderful day. Until next time-Fly Safe, and stay well. Sincerely, Mart G.