A message from Mart Gleason
Dear Friends:
              I wish to thank Andy for his kind words about me.  You all have no  idea how much I have enjoyed being associated with  you. amd the pleasure I have so often received from our many conversations, all of which I am going  to miss very much.   I would just like to correct any misconceptions Andy may have unknowingly  conveyed to you.  Regarding the quarter donations-  I  have just retired from working as a
Funeral Director for the past 52 yrs.  I want to assure  you that the quarters never came in any manner shape or form by any stretch of the
imagination from the family business.  Whenever I went shopping, I always used dollar bills, no matter how little the merchandise  cost.  Hence, I  accumulated quite a bit of change(quarters).  That is where  they came from. 
Each year I have to undergo complete blood work up and a treadmill stress   test of about 12 min. in order to maintain my medical. The last 3 min, I end  up going like a bat out of  hell.  On March 27 of this year I underwent a  complete knee replacement-the most painful thing I ever  had to undergo.  I now get around a little faster than a snail.  I could never pass that stress  test.  I would never quit flying or our beautiful  North East Chapter just because I  retired.  Both Rico Cannone and Steve Sevits have offered me rides to our fly  ins, but I graciously declined on the grounds that it was  like dangling a   piece of candy to a diabetic child.  There is no sense  in prolonging the   agony.  I thank you for your concern, including Mike Hirsch  (I still haven't  found the book you suggested Mike).  I  wish you all the best of good health, safe flying, happy and a peaceful hollidays, and a wonderful and prosperous New Year.  If you are ever near  Mahwah, N.J., the address is 115 E.Crescent Ave.(512-0355), please look me up  and come over.  Thank you  again, and I hope I haven't bored you too much.

Mart Gleason