Short Wing Piper Club

Northeast Chapter Flyer

August 1998



        Early Sun. July 12, 1198 I arose about 5:00 A.M., no sign of any Turkeys or Seer, so I had a nice breakfast, and finished painting the fireplace in our Windam cabin, and was on my way to Freehold to meet Rico and Mike Hirsch. They both arrived at the same time and after some last minute planning we were off at about 10:20 A.M. The day was positively beautiful. I flew Rico's Tri Pacer over to Windam and took a few pictures as we just have had a Gazebo built on the front porch. We flew direct to Lock Haven and landed about 12:25 P.M. Where we had lunch. We then topped off and were off again about 2:00 P.M. A short way out a glider spiraled up toward us as we passed over a gliderport where a glider was being towed aloft. The day, the scenery, everything was beautiful. All in all we had a beautiful 5 hr. 500 mile flight and landed at Hook Field at 5:35 P.M.
        We checked in at the Ramada Inn and met Steve, Joyce and David Sevits. Although they ,like us, had reservations, they ended up not getting the type of room they requested (non smoking) and eventually had to elsewhere. After a light dinner and some liquid refreshments we returned to the Ramada from the Main hotel to retire.
        Mon. A.M. we arose bright and early and went to the Manchester where we picked up our registration envelopes and had a small breakfast of sorts and then to went off to Hook Field. After lunch I had quite a thrill as I became Pilot in Command of the Wright "B" Flyer. It was indescribable but not long enough. On Monday evening we had our Cook -out at the field which was excellent. We met Andy and Gloria, The Sevits, Hank and Jackie, Mike and Margaret, Phil Jacobus and Theresa Filkin plus many other familiar faces. There was a beautiful sea of Short Wing Pipers, approximately 130 in all. What a beautiful sight!!
        Tues. I attended a seminar of recovering which was extremely interesting. The next one was on propellers. I heard that his prop. was OK, but his engine was acting up so he never showed up to do the Seminar. I then attended a ARE YOU LEGAL?? seminar which was very informative. I then attended Pilot Liability by Jerry Eichenberger, excellent. I skipped the "cash bar gathering" as it didn't interest me. A little while later Mike Archambault's friend Rico asked him for his car keys so to put some items in the trunk. I also put my camera in the car. Rico moved the car to different area. When we all came out later Mike exclaimed "where's my car?". I chimed in , "Mike, my expensive camera is in that car!!" After the truth came out Rico said " Mike I hope you're not angry with me." Mike responded, " I don't get angry, I get even!! All in all everything was in good fellowship.
        On Wed. The weather was a No go for the fly-in to the Air Force Base and Museum. Mike and Margaret drove Rico and me to the Museum What a place. I though my legs would fall off, there was so much to see. We had our very private viewing of many aircraft and we saw a very special stereo film about flight. It certainly was wonderful being with good friends and enjoying what we love most -- the world of Aviation, after our spouses that is.
        On Thurs. the weather wasn't that great but we went on with our Poker Run anyway. Not being a card player I was surprised to find out that one pilot was not going to chase the one in front of him with a Poker. When I finally found out what it was all about I felt I was at a disadvantage since I would have to rely on others to interpret my cards. You guessed it -- they said I lost. We then had our membership meeting and then the wonderful Banquet. Sincere congratulations go to Mike Hirsch and Hank and Jackie as their aircraft won top awards.
        On Friday, the day looked beautiful as Rico and I left Hook Field at 11:58 A.M. but the briefer told us we would run into a line of thunderstorms on our way home. After dodging around bad weather we landed at N97 ( Clearfield- Lawrence P.A.) at 3:00 P.M. It was about 60 NM from Lock Haven. We waited a few hours for the weather to clear and finally left N97 at 6:10 P.M. We dodged this way and that way and finally both decided we had to land. Boy are these GPS units worth their there weight in gold. We landed at University Park Airport(UNV- Penn State U.) On our down wind leg , the Good Lord told us we made the right decision. About 1 mile ahead of us a bolt of lightening went from the sky right down to the ground. We spent the night at Penn State Town. On Saturday we left at 9:30 A.M. and went right up to 7500 ft. -- the highest I've ever been in a light plane. The mountain range near Freehold (NY21) was positively beautiful ( High Peak). We landed at Freehold at about 11:40 A.M. after a wonderful Convention. The only negative part of the week was that Rico found out that his Grandson was in an auto accident where his leg was run over by a car. We all hope he'll be OK Rico.
(editors note-- It's been 10 weeks, looks like it's healing OK.) Well it's about 8:00 A.M. now as I finish this letter ( hand written) in our Gazebo in Windam. What a beautiful area this is , just ask Mike and Margaret. Sorry this was delayed so long. Hope to see you all soon, in the meantime, FLY SAFE