Reprint from AVweb

Pilots who have been flying outof 300 different satellite airports within 30 nm of a Class B airspace primary airport without a Mode C transponder may now become targets of FAA enforcement actions. The Mode C Veil Exemption (SFAR-62) expired in 1993, but Flight Standards stopped enforcing the transponder requirements again in 1994 when the FAA issued a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) to extend the exemption. On January 13, the FAA abruptly withdrew the NPRM. AOPA has asked the FAA to clarify whether enforcement procedures against non-Mode C pilots will begin again. To be safe, AOPA is telling owners of non-Mode C equipped planes who need to fly within a 30 nm Mode C veil to contact area ATC for authorization.
Submitted by Noel Anderson N5856Z