SWPC-NE Chapter Newsletter August 2001

You weren't surprised, were you, when that long sought after cold front stalled into that yuchh of a heat wave and screwed up our plans at Provincetown were you? Not one forcaster in the N.Y. metro area ever mentioned that as a possibility. Anyhow that's all history. Speaking of history, a long standing tradition in the Northeast Chapter is being altered. Every Labor Day weekend we hold our "annual bash" at Zene & Marcia Garnsey's on the Hudson river between Albany & Glens Falls, N.Y. No, we're not cancelling the event; heaven forbid! We're just changing the date to SATURDAY SEPT.15 with SUNDAY the 16th as the rain date. Holiday weekends are rough for some of us . This will give some more of us, possibly, a chance to attend our best annual event (that didn't happen last year due to you know what). If good weather should surprise us, we'll plan on arriving between 11-12, have a barbecue lunch (the Garnseys provide the grill -we bring our own food to grill/share as well as any drinks chips, salads, etc.), hold a much needed meeting to hold chapter elections, discuss recruitment of new members, try to set a calendar of events, and hear anything that's on your mind. The Hudson river is (or was last time I asked) clean and swimmable so bring your suit & towel if this interests you. Our Vice President Dave Adams actually swam back and forth across the river!! O.k., so it's not as wide as it is down my way. We always have a great time at this event. If you know anyone that may be interested in our club and having a good time, invite them! They don't have to fly a Short Wing Piper or even fly anything to join - WE NEED PEOPLE/NEW BLOOD!! Garnsey's is on the N.Y. sectional, it's ID is B04, 2600' good turf, and the ctaf is 122.9. Alas ther is no fuel here, but is available at many local airports a short flight away. We had a great vacation the last 2 weeks in July covering western N.Y., Niagra & Toronto. One of the highlights was spending a couple of days with Bev Jewett at his new house in Guelph, Ontario - about an hour S.W. of Toronto. Susan had to go to Montreal to attend to a sister that was ill, so it was Gloria, Bev, his son Jonathan, and me. We actually went to a Toronto Blue Jay - Yankee game and saw the Yanks do a real number on Toronto. We also took a pleasant early evening flight from Guelph up the coast to Toronto, saw the skyline, CN Tower, the ball game, and came home. The flight reminded me of the local attraction that many locals start to take for granted, flying down the Hudson to the Statue of Liberty and back. Bev had a new digital/electric tach installed in the Pacer and it really is impressive! I might just go fror one myself. Speaking of going for it, I finally broke down and ordered a set of Rosen sun visors from Frank Sperandeo. I can't wait to have these installed. If any of you have anything you want to discuss about the chapter or want to run for an elected position ( Pres., VP, Sec, or Tres. ) please try and make it to Garnsey's on Sept. 15th. If you can't make it, please e-mail me at Andytuba@ webtv.netcall me at 914-337-2968. I hope to see you real soon. Safe flying to you all.
Andy Seligson