February 2005

Andy Seligson
331 Westchester Ave.
Yonkers, N.Y. 10707
(914) 337-2968

David Adams
3000 Anderson Ave.
Dighton, MA 02715
(508) 669-6964

Gary Collins
124 Little York Rd.
Cobleskill, N.Y. 12043

President’s Message

I’m really sorry that the fly-in to Keene, N.H. was (attendance wise), a bust! Saturday was clearly a no-go, with high gusty winds and precip. The briefer at 7:00 am on Sunday started off with the doom and gloom about mountain obscuration, winds, possible precip, and the old “VFR not reccommended”. I forced him to do his job and read the whole thing – give me a full standard briefing (which is what I asked for in the first place)! I was very specific about the time frame 10 – 4. I felt that most who would fly, would leave around 10 – 10:30.

By doing the whole standard briefing, one can get the big picture and follow any trends from 7 until the departure time of around 10 (like the diminishing winds on the surface). While the surface winds were forecasted to remain strong from the Keene area eastward, they were forecasted to diminish for the return flight. To make a long story short, the flight up was in excellent VFR conditions with occaisional moderate turbulence and the lowest clouds at 4000’. Visibility was spectacular! New York & Bradley approach and Boston Center were all busy with VFR traffic advisories.

When I arrived at Keene, the wind was 14 knots right down runway 32. There were 3 planes in the pattern but no Short Wing Pipers. The ramp by the restaurant was empty. It was noon, so I went inside and saw only 3 parties in the restaurant. I killed some time and called Gloria, who had to run up to Boston for the third weekend in a row for her mother, who at 93, was in the hospital for what was to be a bad reaction to medication. I told her about the lack of any members. She said that I’d probably get back in the plane and fly to another airport for lunch, since Indian cuisine isn’t on the top of my favorites list.

As I hung up, Steve & Joyce Sevits appeared on the ramp. They had taken a Sunday drive from home and, voilla, we had a fly-in! The food wasn’t that bad and the company was very good. We discussed the lack of attendance and attributed it to the forecasted winds. Steve brought along information on the logos and logo – related items like hats, shirts, jacket and sweatshirt with prices and order information. I will attempt to include it with this newsletter. If it doesn’t make it , we’ll get it in next month’s. We set the March fly-in for Sat. Mar. 12th with the 13th the alternate, to the CAVU restaurant at Kobelt airport (N45) in Wallkill, N.Y. We’ll meet at noon. The field is in good shape, but NO FUEL. Call the info line 1-877-SWPCNE4 after 7:30.

Safe flying to you all! - Andy