President's Message

April 2001

President's Message Howdy strangers! Long time no see or hear. We do have some activities planned in the near future. Please make note of the dates and do try to attend. The dates are Sundays only in keeping with the suggestion of some of our members who actually showed up to some of our recent "non-events"!

We have a fly-in/meeting scheduled for Sunday April 22nd, noon, Columbia County airport, at Meadowgreens which is at the north end of the field. If you opt to park on the grass down by the fence, make sure it isn't muddy. Richmor has plenty of parking on the ramp and it's a pleasant walk to Meadowgreens.

We will attempt (once again) to have a real business meeting to set the agenda for the rest of the season. This includes setting the calendar beyond May, election of a secretary, recruitment of new members, and any business that concerns the chapter. We have to make a donation of some kind of door prize(s) for the Alaska Convention. Is anyone planning to attend? Our May fly-in will be to Nantucket on Sunday May 20th. Our resident postmaster, inn keeper, and seeker of a metalized Tri-Pacer - Jim Ozias will arrange some kind of activity for us. Nantucket is a great place to fly to and the crowds won't be too bad before Memorial Day.

Have any of you been doing much flying lately? The weather has been kind of rotten the past few months. On the perfect days, like yesterday ( 60 and CAVU ), I've been running from school to the show or the concert hall and home by midnight, ready to get up at 5:45 and do it over again. I did manage to get current in actual weather in a friend's C-310. My medical situation should be resolved (hopefully for the good) this month and I'm raring to go! It sure would be great to fly to a chapter fly-in and have some folks there including some faces not often seen. Ever since the EAA started Sun n Fun, I have not been able to attend. Work, school, or other obligations prohibited me from going. This year, it falls during our school break and a week that I don't have to be in New York from Mon - Thurs. I'm going to take big bird down to West Palm Beach and visit my mom. On Wed. the 11th, I'm going to take another big bird from West Palm to Tampa and hook up with Bev Jewett and drive over to Lakeland for the day. Not only will it be great to see Bev (who is now keeping tabs on the glass cockpit of an Airbus to Japan) but finally attend this great aviation event! I know Dave Adams and Jim Ozias are trying to make it down there. I hope to bump into some of you at Sun n Fun. Until the 22nd, safe flying to you all