November 2003

Andy Seligson
331 Westchester Ave.
Yonkers, N.Y. 10707
(914) 337-2968

David Adams
3000 Anderson Ave.
Dighton, MA 02715
(508) 669-6964

Margaret Archambault
37 Summit Avenue
Catskill, N.Y. 12414
(518) 943-9391


President's Message

How’s your spring going? It’s nice to have some warm VFR weather (on a regular basis). It’s nice to have a Short Wing Piper at my disposal. Thanks to member Marty Tennenbaum’s kind offer, I am able to fly around while my engine is being majored at Mattituck. Marty’s schedule is full, preventing him from doing much flying lately. I can’t thank you enough for the use of your Tri-Pacer, which, by the way, had a Mattituck, major about 2 years ago.

Our fly-in to Keene, N.H. went off without a hitch. It was a beautiful VFR day. The day started off with one of those crabby FSS briefers that had about 30 minutes left on the graveyard shift. He just wasn’t interested in working any more that Sunday morning. The weather at Keene was IFR at 7:05 a.m. and that was that! VFR not recommended, call back later, didn’t want to read any TAFs or METARS! The fact that the rest of the northeast was pretty good or about to get there didn’t interest him. I tried to explain about our proposed fly-in and the fact that I had to make a go/no go decision by 7:30… Not his problem!

Not my problem either as I hung up on him and called Bridgeport AFSS directly and got the antithesis of the briefer from N.Y. AFSS! The rest was history – good VFR! Gloria & I (yes Gloria made a rare appearance) flew up from White Plains, N.Y. in Marty Tennenbaum’s metalized Tri-Pacer. Flys just like any PA-22 with a recent major!

On the way up, we heard Marc Pekowsky check in with Bradley approach. This fly-in marks the first time that Marc made such a trip solo since getting his license about a year and a half ago. Marc flew up from Danbury, Conn. in a Cherokee. Way to go Marc! A prospective member (or members), Tim Olstead & Bob Jeets flew up from Elligton, Ct. in Tim’s PA22/20. Nice plane and nice guys. We hope to see them again (& often!) Rico Cannone flew over from Saratoga, N.Y. in his Tri-Pacer. Paul Fleming flew over from Manchester, N.H. in his Pacer. We congratulated Paul on his retirement from being president of the New Hampshire Pilots Association and reminded him that he’s a prime candidate for our chapter’s presidency! Steve Sevits, who scouted out the restaurant and location for this fly-in, flew in from Hudson, N.Y. in his Tri-Pacer. Rounding out the fly-ins were Margaret & Mike Archambault who flew in from Kline Kill airport in Ghent, N.Y. in their Tri-Pacer. Driving over from Brattleboro, Vt. was Steve Sevits’ friend Wayne Randall.

When we had a minyan on the ramp, we adjourned to the very good and inexpensive Indian restaurant in the terminal building. The airport doesn’t have any scheduled flights at this time and the ramp area was fairly abandoned. Keene is a fairly busy GA airport and a steady stream of planes, including a Stearman, amphibian, J-3, & Cessna 180 kept the onlookers occupied and the East ramp (GA) busy. Gloria’s appearance was not because she wanted to experience flight, see the beautiful scenery, or endure the scattered little bumps in the air. When she found out that we were flying to an Indian restaurant her curiosity was piqued. You see, Indian cuisine (until this fly-in) was my second favorite cuisine! What’s your favorite you ask? All the others!! Well the truth is that the food was very good. The fact that they had an all you can eat buffet for $7.95 made it better. I think a good time was had by all.

It’s been a while since we had a decent turnout like this one and it was fun just seeing the planes and meeting the folk. We did discuss several things at our meeting (yes Paul Fleming was less than enthusiastic about the prospects of being president of anything) since we haven’t had this large a crowd in quite some time.

Since it has been some time since our chapter has had a tour of the Boston Center and I happened to be getting VFR flight following from them on this trip, I asked the controller what the possibility of a group tour in the future would be? He replied that he thought there would be no problem. Stand by one. I could hear the supervisor in the background. Not at this time due to increased security and the “code red” situation. I knew about the increased security and thought that code red was an exaggeration; it was. The facility is a very short ride from the Nashua, N.H. airport. Hopefully we’ll be able to take the tour in the not too distant future. Tim Olmstead, who works for the Transportation Security Administration, pointed out to us that if we were under a “code red”, none of us would be flying!

Steve Sevits had some good ideas (he usually does) about the chapter prize donation for the upcoming convention. He had found a good Citizen watch on the Internet. We discussed the watch and came to the conclusion that we had to do something to make it unique to our club/hobby. I suggested getting the SWPC logo put on the face of the watch. I was told that logos, put on watch faces was quite common. Gloria had bought me a watch at the Brunswick, Ga. Convention from the SWPC store as a test item. It never sold, but mine is still running (and keeping good time) to this day! I said that I’d look into this matter, but would run it by the club president first. We want to avoid doing anything that isn’t Kosher, if you know what I mean?

Speaking of logos, Steve also had the idea of taking our old logo from the Ellenville, N.Y. convention and having it changed to read Northeast Chapter. We discussed this project. Both Steve & Marc Pekowsky are going to get prices for the set up/digitizing process so we can have patches embroidered and the logo transferred to hats, t-shirts, sweatshirts, etc. Tim Olmstead was wearing a sharp looking blue cotton long sleeve shirt with embroidered PA20, N #, and name which he got on the Internet. Hopefully we’ll get all this information by our next fly-in, which by the way, is on Sat. May 15th with a rain date of the 16th. There was some confusion as to the date during lunch, but it is on the 15th, not the 22nd. More on the May fly-in later. The prices don’t seem that they should be too bad. We all felt that the chapter should pursue this. As for the watch for a convention donation, we still have some time. By the way, nobody at Keene was planning to get to this year’s convention in Mich.

As in the past, our chapter will send some appropriate “gifts” for the prize/raffles for this year’s convention. If any of you are planning to attend the convention, please let me know. By the way, as I am finishing this newsletter, Marc Pekowsky has told me that his contact no longer deals with embroidered emblems, so it looks like we’ll go with Steve Sevits’s contact. I still have one more person to talk to. I’ll let you know.

We really have to help our new membership chairperson, Rico Cannone, get some new blood into our chapter. Those of you who know Rico can attest to his enthusiasm for our club, chapter, flying, and having a good time. You can give him a hand by telling him about any “flying buddies” you may have, who might be interested in joining us/and chapter for our (attempted) monthly activities. I am contacting the National SWPC for some more brochures that he can distribute. We all like to go flying when we can. Why not tell a friend about our club and ask them to come to one of our “soirees”? They needn’t own or fly a Short Wing Piper (or any other type for that matter), but want to hang out with a bunch of aviation enthusiasts who try to get together on a monthly basis throughout the northeast. Tell them about our underutilized website. There are more Short Wing Pipers flying here in the northeast than there are members of our chapter! There’s something wrong with this statistic.

As I mentioned earlier, our next fly-in is on Sat. May 15th to Cooperstown, N.Y. (K23) to join in the local EAA’s first fly-in breakfast of the season. The hours are from 7:30 – 11:30 a.m. I’ll do my best to get a go/no go on the toll-free 1-877 SWPCNE4 info line as early as possible. The event is a go if it’s VFR.

There is no rain date for the breakfast. If we have a no-go on the 15th, we’ll have our own fly-in/meeting on Sun. the 16th. We can have lunch at the airport diner or get a ride into town, which is always a popular destination, what with the Baseball Hall of Fame, Farmer’s Museum, restaurants, shops, and lakefront. The airport is in great shape, has fuel, and is under new management. Check out their website – Cooperstown Airport.

Saturday June 12th is one of our June destinations at Kline Kill Airport in Ghent, N.Y. (NY1) just N.E. of Columbia County Airport, for another EAA fly-in breakfast. Our own Mike Archambault will be holding forth at the griddles. I think that the 13th is the rain date; we’ll know for sure after the 15th of May, right Mike?

Also in June is the Sentimental Journey at Lock Haven, Pennsylvania. It is from June 16-19th. They are honoring the Short Wing Pipers this year. Unlike our national convention in Michigan the following week, I know many of us are planning to attend this event. We’ll plan on making Sat. June 19th our chapter’s “official” June fly-in. It should be great as always. This will be a go if you can make it. Do watch the weather, as this event and bad weather are synonymous! I plan to fly out there and camp under the wing on Fri. the 18th, weather permitting. I’ve gone to 3 of these, including the first 2, and have always gotten screwed by the weather! The last time, both the late Bill Fenn, and me had to put down in Stroudsburg, Pa. and RON due to thunderstorms. Being a glutton for punishment and having this weekend as the only one free in June, I will do my best to get there. Meanwhile, I hope to see you in Cooperstown on the 15th. Safe flying to you all.