President's Message

May 2001

President's Message
Well we finally got in a bona fide fly-in! There were actually more than 6 people who showed up at Meadowgreens on Sunday Apr. 22nd for our 5th try at a holiday fly-in. As a matter of fact, by our chapter's recent standard, we had a mob descend on Columbia County airport. After all the rotten weather we've had in the northeast these past few months, especially on weekends, the weather was absolutely gorgeous! The sky was clear, temperatures reached the mid 80s, and the local radio stations were hailing this day as one of the "10 best". The only hitch was the winds, always the winds. Marty Tennenbaum was going to ride shotgun with me in my Tri-Pacer. When he showed up at HPN right on time (actually a bit early) he asked if his wife and son could come along? Why the heck not. Karen and Jerry showed up a bit later and we were ready to blast off. By now the winds were variable from the southwest at 15-20 kts. and gusting. The first 15 minutes of the flight were spent on deciding whether to return and land due to the turbulence and the discomfort of a certain someone in the plane. We slogged through the bumps and got up to Columbia County just fine. The winds there were 280 at 18 kts. gusting to 25 and runway 21 was in use. I made a squeaker on the right main and taxied to the ramp that actually had a few Short Wing Pipers tied down. After some folks in the plane kissed the ground, we tied down my plane and walked up to Meadowgreens. Wow - there were actually people seated at our table! Fred & Sandi DeFilippis flew up from HPN in their C-172. Mike Hirsch flew over from Beverly, Mass. in his Pacer. Former member Don LaPointe flew over from Danielson, Ct. in his Colt. Margaret and Mike Archambault drove over from Catskill, N.Y. Rico Cannone and Dale Privadera drove down from Albany,N.Y.Noel Anderson and son Andrew drove over from N. Caanan, Ct. Steve Sevits, who bases his Tri-Pacer here was at the table. I flew up from HPN with Marty, Karen & Jerry Tennenbaum. Marty, a former chapter member with a metalized Tri-Pacer being annualled and based at HPN, promptly re-joined. Good to have you back! After a nice buffet brunch we got down to business. First on the agenda was a raffle of aviation goodies (remember this was our holiday fly-in from Dec.!) courtesy of member Tom Bennenson. Thanks very much Tom. Every member wound up with something to take home. We next set the calendar from May through Labor Day weekend. Please make a note that some of these events are on a Saturday with Sunday as an alternate and possibly a different location.

MAY Sunday May 20th - Nantucket, Mass. Member Jim Ozias will have some activity/lunch planned at this great place to tour and walk around just before the crowds!

JUNE Sunday June 3rd - Kline Kill airport (NY1) EAA fly-in/pancake breakfast. This starts at 8:30 am and is 5 mi. ne. of Columbia County. It has a 4000' well maintained grass strip. 20

JULY Sunday July 8th - Katama Airfield on Martha's Vineyrd, Mass. for a beach party/fly-in/picnic/ tour of Edgartown.

AUGUST Sunday Aug. 12th - Provincetown, Mass. on Cape Cod for another beach party at the group's suggestion. We are also looking into the L.I. Antique Aeroplane Assn. fly in at HWV Brookhaven airport. More on this in a later newsletter.

SEPTEMBER Saturday Sept. 1 (rain date Sun. 2nd) - our annual "bash" at member Zene & Marcia Garnsey's strip on the Hudson River between Albany and Glens Falls, N.Y. 20 (I probably won't be able to make this one due to a family wedding in Montreal).

20 I have to reiterate that the group at Columbia County wanted more than one beach party this summer. You know the weather here in the northeast so getting even one in would be quite a feat! The other event we're pondering is the annual air show at Schenectady, N.Y. and more on that will be in a later newsletter.

I was fortunate to attend this year's EAA Sun and Fun. Member Bev Jewett and a fellow Air Canada capt. picked me up at the Tampa airport and we drove to Lakeland. I had a ball! This is like a mini-Oshkosh. The exhibits, vendors, aircraft, airshows, people, junk food, and the HEAT!! I know that Mike Archambault was there. He left me a message in the type club tent at the Short Wing Piper table, manned by some of our Florida chapter's best. I even saw Frank Sperandeo sitting in the shade of a C-140 wing. Alas no Miss Pearl! We discussed Frank's sun visors and I'll probably go with them as soon as I finish this newsletter. We discussed the Alaska convention. It seems that for whatever reason, there are no chapter members that I know of that are going. Of course our chapter will donate some door prize(s) to show support. We certainly know what goes into hosting a convention and wish the folks all the best. If anyone is going PLEASE let me know. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, let's see if we can have a good turnout at Nantucket and all the summer events. We are going to try some aggressive recruiting starting at the Kline Kill fly-in. The old chapter flyer is being updated. I'm sure we can increase our membership. I hope to see you on Nantucket May 20th. Safe flying to you all!

Meadowgreens Buffet April 2001